Nola Rae – Broaden Your Mime

VENUE: Danscentrum Väst
27-28 November
Workshop fee: 700 SEK
In collaboration with Danscentum Väst


Mimes are the cartoonists of theatre.

In these workshops the “fourth wall” disappears, emotions are projected outwards and quirky ingenious ideas of performance, explored.
Learn how to create textless theatre, paying special attention to articulation, rhythm and quality of movement and gesture.
Learn to move one part of the body at a time for maximum effect.
Learn to bounce ideas around.
Learn that visual comedy is the art of eliminating the extraneous.
Learn the power of stillness

Wear comfortable clothes + flexible shoes and bring 1 juggling ball.

To apply

This course is designed for performers and theatre-makers with some previous stage experience.

To apply send your name and a few lines about your artistic practice to
Write Nola Rae in the subject line

The workshop is limited to 20 participants–we will accept participants on a first come first served basis, so don’t hesitate to apply!



Trained at the Royal Ballet School in London and with Marcel Marceau in Paris.
She has created 10 solo shows and 5 two man shows to date and her long performing career has taken her to 68 countries.

As a director, she has adapted works by Shakespeare, Strindberg, Ibsen, Dumas and Bram Stoker among others, winning the funniest play of the year award in Sweden for her version of Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba in 1996.

Nola founded the London International Mime Festival with Joseph Seelig in 1977 which will have its 45th edition next year.