LENA STEFENSON ”Rörelsen först- om regi för rörelsebaserad scenkonst”

Venue: Teater Aftonstjärnan
Time: Saturday 16/11 12.00-13.15
(the talk starts 12.30. Before there will be soup served for a reasonable price)
The talks are for free and held in English, no registration is required.


Photo: Martin Skoog

Lena Stefenson will talk about how to work with directing for movement-based performing arts. Based on her recently published book “First the Movement – About Directing Movement-Based Performing Arts”, Lena reflects on various methods in the work of creating a physically based theatre. She gives examples from her own and others work.







Photo: Anna Ukkonen

Lena has created around 35 performances as choreographing director.
She has worked for both independent theatre groups and institutions.
She is a trained mime-actor, was involved in starting Teater Tre and has been working the last 10 years at Stockholm University of the Arts as an associate professor of mime-acting and responsible for the education in mime-acting.