GBG Mime Explosion!

Venue: Stora Teatern
Time: Friday 15/11  20.30-22.30 (20 min intermission)
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This year we are celebrating the spontaneity, audacity and fearlessness that are found in short, surprising acts in our GBG Mime Explosion at Stora Teatern!

While the larger part of the festival is centered around hour-long performances we wanted to celebrate the long tradition in mime of shorter acts! For some artists this is the preferred format while others use it as a springboard for longer pieces. 

GBG Mime Explosion is directed by Py Huss-Wallin who together with the festival team presents an explosive evening of mime with established performers and the first-year students at the Mime Acting program at Stockholm University of the Arts who will attempt to fly their imaginary wings! The evening presents the up-and-coming London based company Spoken Movement, the Swedish mime legend Ika Nord , Warsaw Mime Center Company and much, much, more!

An explosion of movement, absurdity, silly walks and poetic images you don’t want to miss!