Stora Teatern

Stora Teatern is Gothenburg’s grand stage for Swedish and international guest
performances. The theatre is over 150 years old and located right in the heart of
Gothenburg. Here our celebration of shorter mime acts–GBG Mime Explosion–will take centre stage.
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Masthuggsterassen -Masthuggsteatern and Cinnober

Masthuggsteatern is one of Sweden’s largest fringe theaters and has been producing performing arts for children, young people and adults since 1992. Next door to them we find Cinnober who has introduced new drama and musical theatre to Gothenburg since 1996. At these two venues the entire Departure program will be hosted along with seminars and morning classes for performers. Here you will also find the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, some sweets and catch your breath in between the performances.
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Closest tram stop: Masthuggstorget (tram 3 or 9)

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GEST- Gothenburg English studio theatre

GEST-Gothenburg English Studio Theatre is an award-winning English speaking theatre located in Gothenburg, Sweden and is the only professional English speaking theatre in western Sweden. GEST was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing quality, contemporary and award-winning theatre in the English language. Yet another first time host venue of the festival which will sweep our audiences away to all kinds of theatrical universes–all in their brand new theatre–we couldn’t be more excited!

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Closest tram stop: Chapmans Torg (trams 3 or 9)

Teater Trixter

Teater Trixter has been active since 1990 and moved into their current theatre in 2001 on Masthamnsgatan in central Gothenburg. The basis for the theatre has from the beginning been the view of acting as an art form. We are thrilled that Teater Trixter will host the festival for the first time and hence expand the notions of what kind of artforms acting pertains to.
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Closest tram stop: Masthuggstorget (tram 3 or 9)