Göteborgs Stadsteater

Our collaboration with the Gothenburg City Theatre, the oldest city theatre in Sweden, continues! Göteborgs Stadsteater AB is one of the City of Gothenburg’s wholly owned companies. It includes Göteborgs Stadsteater, Stora Teatern and Backa Teater. The aim of the three theater houses is to offer the inhabitants of the city and the region, in particular, theater of high artistic quality and, through their productions, to engage, create debate, entertain and make people think.

Closest tram stop: Berzeliigatan
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Folkteatern’s vision is to be one of Northern Europe’s most interesting stages. Folkteatern is a place that lives, where we explore and scrutinize the present, where people meet and interact with art and all the questions it poses, five evenings a week. Our four stages are filled with quality performing arts that challenge, engage, amuse, question and invite new perspectives. Newly written drama, classic dramas in new forms, dance, experimental music, poetry, film art, performance, literature, discussions and debates. A corner of Gothenburg where everything is possible, where everyone can find home, if only for a moment.

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Closest tram stop: Järntorget


Atalante is an artist-run stage and a venue, where the innovative and experimental is encouraged. Our focus is set on contemporary stage art with choreography and music as our foundation, but we also give priority to film, art and festivals where culture debates and discussions are encouraged. Atalante is located at Övre Husargatan 1, next to Skanstorget in Gothenburg.

The stage was founded in 1987 by the dance collective Rubicon and today Atalante is a hub on the Swedish dance and art scene. Atalante is co-financed by The Swedish Arts Council, The Region Västra Götaland and The City of Gothenburg Department of Culture.

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Closest tram stop: Pilgatan, Brunnsgatan or  Hagakyrkan