27  November
Venue: GEST – Gothenburg English Studio Theatre
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Drama Sound City is a bridge between performance art and electro music, starting from the suggestions gathered in the city suburbs.

The performance leads the spectator through visionary scenes, characterized by lights, sounds and actions that compose and decompose the geometries of the city suburbs as in a time lapse, capturing its rapid transformations and its more solitary, nocturnal, enigmatic moods.

Defining an inhabitable space to be opened and shared in an unexpected change of depth. Space expands, offering a sidereal vision in  which distances and sizes lose their meanings and blur sensory perceptions.

Sound footprints immersed in urban acoustic and contemporary contexts, carved inside a flux of sound generators, creating  a fascinating mosaic of imaginative sound environments.


Concept: Gabriele Boccacini
Original score: Simone Bosco – Ozmotic
Performers: Stefano Bosco, Dario Prazzoli, Elena Pisu
Voice over: Adriana Rinaldi
Light design: Andrea Sancio Sangiorgi
Production: Stalker Teatro
Support: Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, Turin City Council

First Prize Winner Mirabilia International Festival Award 2021 (Cuneo – IT)
First Prize Winner Stazioni d’Emergenza Award 2018 (Naples – IT)

Photo Giorgio Sottile
Photo: Giorgio Sottile


The artistic core of Stalker Teatro have worked together since setting up the ‘Political Collective’ at Turin Academy of Fine Arts in 1975, the heyday of Italy’s post-68 cultural and political uproar. This has left an enduring mark on the company’s work which is characterised by a strong commitment to artistic experimentation within socially sensitive or challenging situations.

Using a distinctive style developed from site-specific events, performance art and participatory theatre, Stalker Teatro have performed throughout all major locations and festivals in Europe and beyond.


Photo Giorgio Sottile