Lebensraum 06 © Sanne Peper
Jakop Ahlbom Company

13 September
Venue: Stora Teatern

Two men are living together in a single tiny room. They have ingenuously solved the problem of lack of space. All the furniture has multiple functions: the bed doubles as a piano and the bookcase serves as a fridge. And to compensate for the absence of a woman, the pair create a mechanical cleaning lady. But it soon becomes clear that she has no intention of quietly going about her chores. This doll has opinions of her own. Tensions mount, and the room starts getting smaller and smaller. The men’s latest invention may be their downfall.

Photo: Lucia Calatayud
Zero en Conducta Company -La dernière danse de Brigitte (ES)

14 September
Venue- Göteborgs Stadsteater-Lilla scen

Brigitte is so old that her memories are in black and white, she is so old that if you ask her age she will tell you “many and a few more”. Now you know that the time has come, the exact moment when your last second will become eternal and it no longer makes sense to accumulate more time. Before leaving, she will pack her luggage by filling her box with those memories that will keep her alive for the last time. Welcome to Brigitte’s last dance.

Iraqi Bodies - IN MEMORIAM (SWE)

14 September
Venue: Göteborgs Stadsteater- Lilla scen

– A theatrical piece on the fragility of life and the endless games played by humanity.

Mime Acting students- Duets

15 September
Venue: Göteborgs Stadsteater – Lilla scen

The bachelor program in mime acting at SKH returns in the autumn of 2022 to GBG
MIME FEST, now with six short duo acts performed by the second-year students.

Vitamimo I_Carlos Mart،nez; Bild Bernd Eidenmپller
Carlos Martínez -Vitamimo (ES)

16 September
Venue- Aftonstjärnan

For his 40th anniversary as a performing artist Carlos Martínez offers a gift to the
lovers of the art of mime around the world who have come to see him all these
years, and to the fortunate first timers: VITAMIMO!

Foto: Bengt Löfgren
Teater tilt - i aisopos värld (SWE)

17 September
Venue: Göteborgs Stadsteater- Lilla scen

Aisopos, who was he?
Or was he?
And shouldn’t he get new trousers?

A family performance from 4 years.

The art of silence -Maurizius Staerkle Drux (DE/CH)

17 September
Venue: Aftonstjärnan

Mime as resistance, a cinematic experience on legendary mime artist Marcel Marceau

In the first feature documentary about Marceau’s life, director Maurizius Staerkle Drux portrays the performer behind the painted mask as a deeply complex, sensitive and compassionate man whose art was rooted in experiences of atrocities in the Second World War and his time in the French Resistance.

Photo: Patrik Filip Johansson
Sexture -Art.cherry (SWE)

17 September
Venue: Göteborgs Stadsteater- Lilla scen

At the intersection of mime and architecture the performance SEXTURE was developed – a unique and intimate work performed for a small audience.