Theatre Re - Moments (GB)

4 October
Venue: Göteborgs Stadsteater

‘Theatre Re excels at transforming small, intimate stories into whirling, viscerally physical
extravagance.’ What’s On Stage
Part TED Talk, part Theatrical Performance with our trademark style combining striking
imagery and action with original live music, Moments sits at the intersection of training and
theatre making. It creates a space for us to reflect, understand and explain what we do as we
do it.

Photo: Laura Vuoma
Kauri Honkakoski Company -Hinterland (FI)

4 October
Venue: Atalante

A glimpse of the wasteland of our minds – the landscape where we like to store our long shadows. Hinterland is a show emerging from our time, created in a timeless style. It explores painful collective themes in tragicomical tones.

Photo: David Jost
La Compagnie des Transports Publics -The Neighbor (FR)

4 and 5 October
Venue: Folkteatern
From 8+

The Neighbour grabs the audience in the twirl of a madcap comedy, which makes one feel happy… ever after!

Work in Progress - NÅGONTING HAR HÄNT- Adas Teater (SE)

5 October
Venue: Göteborg Stadsteater

Teater möter dans och performance när ADAS teater (SE) och Kassandra Production (DK) skapar ett nytt rörelsebaserat verk.

Photo: Mehdi Arabi
Stockholm Academy of the Arts -Duets - Mime Acting Students (SE)

5 October
Venue: Folkteatern

The Bachelor program in Mime Acting at Stockholm University of the Arts returns to GBG Mime Fest, with five short duo acts performed by the second-year students.

Photo: Jamie Michael Bivard
Mime Explosion Goes Solo

5 October
Venue: Stadsteatern

Welcome to a more intimate, but just as explosive variety show celebrating the solo acts of mime!

Photo: Hans Boddeke
Mime Wave - Home (NL)

6 October
Venue: Göteborgs Stadsteater

A compelling story about losing one’s home – and finding a new one!
A family performance for children between 2-8 years, and their adults.

Photo: Per Åkesson
Work in Progress -THE EMPTY SPACE
- Otto Milde (SE)

6 October
Venue- Göteborgs Stadsteater

Om en clown. Som försöker förstå mimens principer.

Photo: Antero Hein
The Krumple- Déjà (NO/FR)

6 October
Venue: Atalante

Through expressive movement, magical illusion, puppetry, and striking imagery, the Krumple seeks to create a living time-capsule of the current moment, everything that has led up to it, and project where humanity might be going. It questions our significance, or rather – our insignificance, faced with the passing of time.