Photo: Jonas Jörneberg
Departure - The graduating students in Mime-Acting at the Stockholm University of the Arts

27-28 November
Venue- Masthuggsteatern and Cinnober

Welcome to Departure–a host of performances that will shed a light upon the minds and bodies of Sweden’s next generation of mime artists!

Teatr Novogo Fronta - Passing (CZ)

27 November
Venue: GEST- Gothenburg English Studio Theatre

Through movement, music and light Irina Andreeva expresses intense mood changes that take part in development of a human’s stratified personality through the force of the impact on humans and timing in the context of human’s life.


27 November
Venue- GEST -Gothenburg English Studio Theatre

Drama Sound City is a bridge between performance art and electro music, starting from the suggestions gathered in the city suburbs. A visionary event addressed to a wide-ranging audience.

Photo: Iraqi Bodies
Iraqi Bodies - PITY: Part 5

28 November
Venue: Teater Trixter
From 15+

Iraqi Bodies presents the latest part of their PITY pentalogy where an encounter with Desdemona’s perplexed father–Brabantio–is examined.

Compagnie Areski- Millefeuilles (FR)

29 November
12.00 and 13.30
Venue: GEST

Tender and absurd stories about loneliness and the power of imagination.
In a world where every element is pop-up, silhouettes and sets are manipulated in stop motion, reserving many surprises, for both children and adults.

GBG Mime Explosion-led by ika nord

29 November
Venue: Stora Teatern

We are celebrating the spontaneity, audacity and fearlessness that are found in short, surprising acts in our GBG Mime Explosion at Stora Teatern!

This year led by the marvellous Ika Nord.

Photo: Bengt Löfgren
Teater tilt - siv och sam (swe)

30 November
Venue : Solkattens Köpcentrum – Lerum

In and out
Back and forth
Here, and there, again!

A non-verbal mime performance about friendship.
On the difficult yet beautiful challenge of playing with one another.