Festival team

Foto: Ted Åstrand

Hilda Rydman

Artistic director

Graduated from the mime-acting program at Stockholm University of the Arts in 2013.
Previous studies include Wendelsbergs Teater och skolscen in Gothenburg and MOVEO -International School of Corporeal Mime in Barcelona. Hilda has worked as an actor at Teater Tre, Ung scen öst and Västanå Teater. For some years ago she decided to pursue her vocation as a freelancer and moved to Gothenburg where she started her own company, Teater Tilt and founded GBG Mime Fest in 2017.
Now she have her base on Öland and is passionately looking for different ways to bring the art form of mime to the people in Sweden.

Photo: Elena Perota

Josephine Gray


Josephine Gray is artistic director of Iraqi Bodies together with Anmar Taha. The company has been active in Gothenburg since 2009 and presented their work across Europe, Middle East and Asia. She is a graduate of L’École Internationale de Théâtre de Jacques Lecoq and holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Philosophy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and a Masters Degree in English from the University of Sheffield. In 2022 the volume Second Nature: Comic Performance and Philosophy she co-edited with Lisa Trahair was published by Rowman and Littlefield International, London, UK. In 2022 she initiated the studium RADIX–a research program for performers within physical theatrical practices as well as a seminar series with invited international guests.


Maria Södermark

Artist coordinator

Maria Södermark – studied Decroux technique at Centro MOVEO in Barcelona and has been working as an actress with MOVEO Co. and Boulevardteatern in Stockholm among others. In addition to mime, she has explored lots of other artforms like dance, clown and commedia, as well as being interested in languages and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in translation. At the moment she is combining further studies at the university with her work as Artist Coordinator for the festival.


Cecilia Thulin

Communications Manager

Cecilia’s academic journey reflects a robust foundation in both art and communication, with a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication from Lund University – and studies in visual arts and communication at University of California, San Diego and University of Amsterdam, solidifying her expertise in the field. Her work consistently reflects a deep commitment to inclusivity, social responsibility and storytelling; merging aesthetic appeal with meaningful messages.


MariaS 1

Maria Selander

Festival coordinator

Graduated from the mime-acting program at Stockholm University of the Arts in 2006. Since then Maria works mainly with movement based acting and puppeteering, but also has a past in performance and dance. Based out of Stockholm she has toured all over Sweden with the occasional tours of Europe. 

Emma-Kara Nilsson

Technical coordinator

Emma-Kara Nilsson is an experienced lighting designer working within theatre, concerts, dance and art. Some of the artists and companies she is working with during 2018-2019 are Carl-Einar Häckner, Vocal Art Ensemble, Kören Rabalder and Göteborg Baroque. She is also a sought after lighting designer for outdoor events where focus lies on lighting environments in order to frame the overall experience of place. For this she has been engaged by festivals such as Way Out West, Blå natten in Trollhättan, Statementfestivalen, Lollapalooza among others.  In 2018 she initiated a close collaboration with butoh dancer Frauke for her performance HANA.

Co-founders: Hilda Rydman, Simon Ahlgren, Rickard Hasslinger