Compagnie Areski - Millefeuilles (FR)

29 November
12.00 and 13.30
Venue: GEST- Gothenburg English Studio Theatre
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Millefeuilles is a walkabout performance during which the audience discovers and explores the scenery in a dark room which they illuminate with flashlights.
A whole world of papercut is revealed through projected shadows.

This performance/exhibition is punctuated by short stories featuring an unusual character who, to escape solitude, will invent a world for himself…

artistic director : Lukasz Areski
sound designer : Victor Betti
Musique : Carlos d’ Alessio

About the company

Compagnie Areski has been developing a language at the crossroads of the performing arts and visual arts–with an interest in animateds books and cut-out paper.

The company questions the links that can be established between people and things while exploring the illusion of movement. For twenty years they have been offering performances and workshops in France and abroad.


Photo: Lukaz Areski