BODYMIND GAME–physical acting workshop with Irina Andreeva/Teatr Novogo Fronta

Venue: Danscentrum Väst
30 November
Workshop fee: 300 SEK
In collaboration with Danscentum Väst

During the workshop, we will focus on developing the hidden connectivity options of mental imagination and physical movement. The workshop participants will learn how to use the human ability to create a mental image that affects the way the body exists–and vice versa–practicing physical exercises affecting the state of soul and mind.

Key aspects will be the cleverness of the body and the flexibility of consciousness
These aspects will be explored through;

Body–a way of breathing and emotions
movement and energy
posture and mental state

Consciousness–entering and following a movement code
attention training / external and internal /
work with rhythm and music
work with space / scenic composition /

To Apply

The class is open for professional mimes, actors, circus artists, dancers and performers.
There will also be places for those currently studying any of the above disciplines.
To apply send your name and a few lines about your artistic practice to
Please write IRINA in the subject line


About the company

TEATR NOVOGO FRONTA was founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg, (RU) by Irina Andreeva and Ales Janak.
Their early work resulted from experiments in the field of the relationship between the actor’s body–the only material being used by the actor–and the space of the event. Performances of Teatr Novogo Fronta are constructed from images which stand on the frontier between mysticism and abstraction, circus art and modern dance, where the main force is the action, improvisation and tension amplified by the ridiculousness of human tragedy.

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