The workshop is going to focus on the ground to the Swedish mime education –which develops from Polish mime – how we create and enhance the emotional necessity behind the movement.

Since I finished the mime education 1996 in Stockholm I’ve been able to work in a variety of productions: dance and theatre, children and adult theatre, performance and entertaining…even motion capture technique: every new job have been “filtered” through mime. But from the beginning of my professional life I’ve been interested in learning how to teach, to get a better perspective of the technique and the art form. In 2010 I finally got the opportunity to start working as assistant to Stanislaw Brosowski – professor in Mime acting and the creator of the education in Stockholm – and later on a bigger part of the education. Currently I am the teacher in mime acting for the 15 th class since the education began in Stockholm, my fifth.

To apply send your name and a few lines about you to by November 6th the latest! Write Alejandro Bonnet -Mime for the curious in the subject line We will accept participants on a first come first served basis, so don´t hesitate to apply.