The legend of the faun and the journey

Spelplats: Stora scenen Fredag kl 19.00
Längd: 50 min
Målgrupp: Vuxna

Photo: Jose Angel Ribas

A One Man Show of Mime and Audiovisuals.

A painter is seduced by the idea of creating a painting so vivid that it breaks free of its canvas and comes to life. Fantasy and reality are mixed in a journey through the imagination and dreams of this artist.

A delicious piece of fine pastry to be appreciated slowly”.

* Awarded BEST SHOW at the International Festival of Physical Theatre in Macedonia (2016).




The Co. Mai Rojas and The Sculptors of the Air is an international company based in Barcelona specializing in the production of professional shows of physical theatre. More specifically, using the language of Corporeal Mime as the basis for creation, they explore the infinite possibilities of cross-pollinating this with other theatrical arts such as circus, dance and object manipulation.

The exceptional work of the company has toured around the world on various occasions and their shows have been seen in around thirty cities in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, United States,  Cabo Verde, Macedonia, Poland, Morocco, Andorra, Portugal, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. The company has also been able to work with organizations of the prestige of Cirque du Soleil due to our adaptability and technical excellence.

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Photo: Jose Angel Ribas
Photo: Illaria Costanz
Photo: Jose Angel Ribas
Photo: Ester Baudet