Dr. Raxá De Castilla Rosales- Clown: History, Evolution and Rhythmic Present

Venue:Teater Aftonstjärnan
Sunday 17/11 17.00-17.45
The talks are for free and held in English, no registration is required.

Clown: History, Evolution and Rhythmic Present

 Dr. Raxá De Castilla Rosales
Doctor from the University of Barcelona in the Doctorate in Culture and Society with specialization in performing arts. Actress, and theatrical director, her research work is focused on understanding the mechanisms under which the art of clown and physical comedy works.

About the talk:
First, and through a brief tour of the understanding of humor and comedy in humanity, Dr. De Castilla will present an analysis of the comic figure up until the clown figure as we know it now. The investigations of Dr. De Castilla have been written in her doctoral thesis, in which she maintains that the Rhythm is the most important element for the empathic phenomenon with the public and the clown. On this occasion, she will briefly explain what she means by it.